Wednesday, 29 April 2015

From The Bottom up

Sunday Style

I could not for the life of me decide what to wear on Sunday, it was sunny but the weather kept changing and I wasn't in the mood for heels. After a few outfit changes and a few small strops with myself I made my choice based around……….the shoes!!

Left - Christian Louboutins So Kates. Right - Ash High tops in zesty lemon.
Ash High Tops, Size UK 4. Available for £65.

Now to your surprise, the heels aren't mine, I am wearing the high tops, so I was looking for an outfit that I could wear with these Summer favourites. I didn't want to wear jeans a I felt this may be a little too dressed down. Once I had thrown the contents of my wardrobe all over the room looking for that perfect piece of the puzzle that would compliment the high tops, I settled for this ……
Dress, Size UK 8, French Connection. Available for £45.

The dress was colourful enough to carry off the high tops in a funky way, if I had worn the dress with heels it would have been too girly for me so the high tops compliment it perfectly.

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