Thursday, 30 April 2015

Today Is Thursday

Today is Thursday and not so sunny. I just couldn't wake up this morning so I have literally thrown my clothes on. Contrary to popular belief I do not wear deaigner from head to toe and today proves that. 

I tried to insert a little sunshine into my outfit as it's not that warm and no better way to do that than with this bright yellow jumper from H&M, the jeans are also a favourite of mine and are super low, super skinny also from H&M. 

I have started to walk to work so flats are a must at the moment and no better pair than these colab boots from Alexander McQueen with Puma, they were a gift and I have to say one of my very favourite gifts ever. 

The bag is an all time favourite and is Smythson, I generally use it every day and it was brought into the shop possibly two years ago and is still going strong. 

For any little designer goodies like my Smythson bag please do visit the website 

Have a happy Thursday and I hope it is a day filled with fun and laughter. 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

From The Bottom up

Sunday Style

I could not for the life of me decide what to wear on Sunday, it was sunny but the weather kept changing and I wasn't in the mood for heels. After a few outfit changes and a few small strops with myself I made my choice based around……….the shoes!!

Left - Christian Louboutins So Kates. Right - Ash High tops in zesty lemon.
Ash High Tops, Size UK 4. Available for £65.

Now to your surprise, the heels aren't mine, I am wearing the high tops, so I was looking for an outfit that I could wear with these Summer favourites. I didn't want to wear jeans a I felt this may be a little too dressed down. Once I had thrown the contents of my wardrobe all over the room looking for that perfect piece of the puzzle that would compliment the high tops, I settled for this ……
Dress, Size UK 8, French Connection. Available for £45.

The dress was colourful enough to carry off the high tops in a funky way, if I had worn the dress with heels it would have been too girly for me so the high tops compliment it perfectly.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Now that Coachella has passed,we have all had time to analyse the fashion. It is famous for its celebrities and of course what they are wearing, so lets take a look….

Lets start with Kylie Jenner who is in the tabloids and glossies almost every day for what she is wearing. Considering the stunning young lady has such a killer body its quite refreshing to see that she has dressed in cool floaty pants and a sexy peasant top, this is a great look and is possibly one that can be carried off by many.

This look however seems a little harder to carry off for us mere mortals that aren't blessed with a super model body. The cut off shorts were a favourite a Coachella and personally I love them but simply wouldn't scare the world by wearing them. I do however think that there is an easy alternative to this outfit that would be just as cool and still discreetly sexy, skinny ripped jeans, a white vest and the rest of the outfit the same…. .voila.

What are your thoughts ladies?